Why Localis?

2020-09-28 21:43

The reason for Localis is simple: to make it easier to buy locally made products by offering a simple but comprehensive search tool. To do this, Localis indexes, like Google and other search engines do, local sites that sell or simply display locally...

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Dressing from head to toe locally - Men

2020-10-12 09:53

Yes, it is possible for men to dress locally in Quebec, here are some possibilities:t-shirts: several Quebec companies manufacture t-shirts in Quebec, including Blank, C'est beau, Nil, etc. Nil t-shirts are made of certified organic cotton and th...

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Virtual Christmas Artisan Fairs 2020

2020-11-25 09:03

Because of the still ongoing pandemic, several craft fairs, which are usually held around Christmas, have either been canceled or have been moved online. Souk ( from November 17 to December 17, presents designer objects, c...

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