Because of the still ongoing pandemic, several craft fairs, which are usually held around Christmas, have either been canceled or have been moved online.

  • Souk ( from November 17 to December 17, presents designer objects, clothing, food, etc. on their online show. There is a Souk Habitat space at Place Ville-Marie, but it's by appointment only.
  • Puces POP will have an online catalog available from December 4, 2020 until March 1, 2021.
  • La petite station has an online store and temporary physical space at 4268 boulevard St-Laurent (between Marie-Anne and Rachel) where you will find a bit of everything: textiles, jewelry, accessories, care and beauty, zero-waste, etc all made locally.
  • Marché virtuel Signé Métiers d'art is part of the Fabrique 1840 section of the Simons retailer site which presents local artisanal products exclusively on the web. Why 1840 you ask? It is the year Simons stores were founded.
  • Signé Métiers d'art en ligne from the Conseil des métiers d'art which usually hosts the crafts fair but it has been canceled this year.
  • Marché de Noel virtuel from Idée Cadeau Québec.

But don't wait too much if you buy online and have it delivered by post, delivery services will be overloaded.