The reason for Localis is simple: to make it easier to buy locally made products by offering a simple but comprehensive search tool. To do this, Localis indexes, like Google and other search engines do, local sites that sell or simply display locally made products. The results can then be filtered by distance, price, etc.

The priority of Localis is to index local and affordable quality products.

The rules are simple so that products are indexed on Localis: they must be mainly manufactured in Quebec or elsewhere in Canada. It is not enough that a product is only designed here, it has to be made here.

Note that we do not sell the products displayed on and are not affiliated with any manufacturers or businesses selling these products. We do not receive any commission from these manufacturers or businesses. We only index their content, mostly without their knowledge. Although we make a great effort to ensure the quality and provenance of the products displayed, we cannot guarantee either.

Do you sell locally made products? Submit your products to Localis.