Yes, it is possible for men to dress locally in Quebec, here are some possibilities:

  • t-shirts: several Quebec companies manufacture t-shirts in Quebec, including Blank, C'est beau, Nil, etc. Nil t-shirts are made of certified organic cotton and their fabrics are even made in Quebec as well. On the other hand, some Quebec companies only print a logo or design here but on t-shirts made elsewhere, keep an eye out. Localis only lists t-shirts sewn in Quebec or elsewhere in Canada or if the design printed in Quebec (or elsewhere in Canada) occupy an important part of the t-shirt.
  • shirts: unfortunately, few Quebec companies manufacture shirts for men, apart from tailors who make made-to-measure shirts, but here are some:
    • Naked and Famous offers a good selection of shirts made in Canada from mainly Japanese fabrics,
    • Abaka: confortable shirts,
    • Au Noir: dress shirts,
    • Unfortunately Bon Vivant, who made excellent shirts, closed shop.
  • jeans: a few companies manufacture jeans in Canada including Loukas (which does not sell its jeans online but rather at its store on Fairmount Street in Montreal) and Naked and Famous (which sells its jeans online on Tate + Yoko). Loukas jeans are even sewn in the Mile-End (Montreal, Qc) from American fabrics.
  • underwear and stockings: for underwear, there is little choice but two companies stand out: Coco La Bine and JM.
  • shoes: for now, Localis only lists three Quebec companies making shoes: Pajar (which has a collection called Heritage made in Montreal), Amimoc and Pishu, which sells moccasins of traditional manufacture.

    If you know of other Quebec (or Canadian) companies or artisans who locally manufacture men's clothing, do not hesitate to contact us.